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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Warm Parenting Helps 'Callous or Unemotional' Children

In this video from Mornings at Channel 9, Yvette Vignando on the parenting panel with Dannielle Miller and Tracey Spicer talking about research lead by Dr David Hawes from the University of Sydney about the kind of warm and positive parenting that can help children with what is known as "callous and unemotional" (CU) traits. Also discussed: parents who are in a dispute over their child and a father has been ordered to stop weighing his daughter as it affects her self esteem. Read full article

Four Girls Who Have an Opinion - a Child Rights Case?

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/05/25/four-girls-who-have-an-opinion-a-child-rights-case">Four Girls Who Have an Opinion - a Child Rights Case?</a>

This week the rights of a child are in the news in Australia. What? You didn’t see all the media? Did you see the numerous television and news stories about four girls (aged 9, 10, 13 and 14) ‘on the run’, trying to avoid a court order that they return to Italy where their father lives (their mum is Australian)? Without knowing the details of those four girls’ experiences and knowing nothing about the mother or father, it’s a mistake for any of us to pass judgement on where those girls should be living right now. That’s a judgement for experts and the courts – but you know what, it’s also something about which each of those four children would have a strong view. Read full article

Tips for Blended Families - Five Big Ideas

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/04/12/tips-for-blended-families-five-big-ideas">Tips for Blended Families - Five Big Ideas</a>

Blended families are very common in Australia - estimated at over 10.5% of couple families with children. The good news is that after the initial challenges of combining two families, there is a very good chance that a blended family will succeed. In this video and article five big ideas are briefly discussed to give families a starting point for success. Read full article

Children of Single Parents - They Hear More than One Voice

<a href="/blogs/meganstanish/2011/07/27/children-of-single-parents-they-hear-more-than-one-voice">Children of Single Parents - They Hear More than One Voice</a>

The other day, I was checkin’ the Tweets, gettin’ all social-media-esque and stuff, when I came upon a Tweet that brought me up short. For my in-the-flesh friends, I can already hear your comments: “Brought you up short? That wouldn’t be too difficult!” The Tweet that halted me stated: “One of the blessings for children with two parents is learning that life has more than one voice." This seems innocuous enough, right? Fair statement, sweet reflection. Still… having been the child of a single mother Read full article

Remarriage with Children - Creating Good Beginnings

<a href="/blogs/cathycorcoran/2011/06/01/remarriage-with-children-creating-good-beginnings">Remarriage with Children - Creating Good Beginnings</a>

There are pictures of young Amy on the wall and her name is spoken of lovingly; the scene painted sounds like a beautiful family. There are also wedding photos of a couple together. None of them include Amy. The man is Amy’s dad, Daniel; the woman is her dad's fiancee. And this situation has my mind ticking. Australian statistics indicate that for every marriage recorded, 1 in 3 are re-marriages.Of these re-marriages it has been found that nearly half included children under the age of 16 from previous marriages. Read full article

Helping Kids During Separation and Divorce - Video

People watching the publicity surrounding the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separation, and thinking of their children, are reminded of how challenging but important it is to look after children's emotional wellbeing during divorce and separation. On The Morning Show, Channel 7, Yvette Vignando shares some important basic tips for parents during this stressful time. Read full article

Putting Children First, A Handbook for Separated Parents

<a href="/parenting-resources/divorce-and-separation/putting-children-first-a-handbook-for-separated-parents">Putting Children First, A Handbook for Separated Parents</a>

Book: Putting Children First, A Handbook for Separated Parents by Karen and Nick Woodall. This book helps mothers and fathers unlock and resolve the conflict around contact with children that can arise during and after separation. Using strategies such as parenting plans, scripted phone calls and parenting meetings, the book will enable separated parents to communicate effectively on all the most important things in their children's lives - and make relaxed arrangements for the continued involvement by both parents with their children. Read full article

Different Parenting Styles - Does It Matter?

<a href="/articles/different-parenting-styles-does-it-matter">Different Parenting Styles - Does It Matter?</a>

It’s been one of those interminable days of constant negotiation with your children over the tiniest details, about treats, attention, manners, tv. Then in waltzes your partner, and throws it all to the wind. It’s indulgence time....It’s the source of resentment and countless arguments, and can range from minor squabbles to major breakdowns where relatives will suddenly find themselves out of the children’s lives. But this clash about the right way to parent is all about the “grown ups”. What about the children? How do differing styles, especially between partners and within the family group, affect children? Read full article

Parenting After Separation: Making the Most of Family Changes

<a href="/parenting-resources/divorce-and-separation/parenting-after-separation-making-the-most-of-family-chan">Parenting After Separation: Making the Most of Family Changes</a>

Book: Parenting After Separation by Jill Burrett. Consulting psychologist, Jill Burrett writes from personal and professional experience of the effects of separation on families.With a comprehensive look at the issues families face following divorce or separation, the author writes about how parents can get on with life armed with new insights to apply to themselves, including ways to achieve cooperative parenting. Read full article

Single Parenting: Helping Your Kids Cope

<a href="/articles/single-parenting-helping-your-kids-cope">Single Parenting: Helping Your Kids Cope</a>

Regardless of how you came to be a single parent, some days are hard work. How do your kids feel about it? Margie Sheedy shares some ideas from Jill Burrett about sole parenting including some ways to tune into your children to see how they are coping. Read full article