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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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<a href="/parenting-resources/inspiration/i-am-malala">I AM MALALA</a>

Book: I Am Malala by Christina Lamb In 2009 Malala Yousafzai began writing an anonymous blog for BBC Urdu about life in the Swat Valley as the Taliban gained control, at times banning girls from attending school. When her identity was discovered, Malala began to appear in Pakistani and international media, campaigning for education for all. On 9 October 2012, Malala was shot at point-blank range by a member of the Taliban on the way home from school. Remarkably, she survived. This is her continuing story as she campaign for every girl's right to an education, shining a light into the lives of those children who cannot attend school. Read full article

Inspiration - a Teacher's Belief Helps an Angry Child

<a href="/blogs/2013/02/11/inspiration-a-teachers-belief-helps-an-angry-child">Inspiration - a Teacher&#039;s Belief Helps an Angry Child</a>

I had just one year of teaching under my belt and was taking classes towards my master’s degree in special education. Though barely qualified to teach students with challenging behaviour disorders, I quickly assessed that academic training wasn’t going to make me a successful teacher...Vince’s mother repeated the words that seemed incomprehensible, unbearable, and repulsive to my ears.Vince killed his kitten that afternoon. Read full article

Room to Breathe - Film about Mindfulness in Schools

<a href="/articles/room-to-breathe-film-about-mindfulness-in-schools">Room to Breathe - Film about Mindfulness in Schools</a>

Room to Breathe is a story of transformation as struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school are introduced to the practice of mindfulness. Topping the district in disciplinary suspensions, and with overcrowded classrooms creating a nearly impossible learning environment, overwhelmed administrators are left with stark choices. Do they repeat the cycle of forcing tuned-out children to listen, or experiment with a set of age-old inner practices that may provide them with the social, emotional, and attention skills that they need to succeed? Read full article

Choosing a University Course - Discover What You Love

<a href="/blogs/arunabey/2012/09/24/choosing-a-university-course-discover-what-you-love">Choosing a University Course - Discover What You Love</a>

At this time of year, Year Twelve students in Australia are studying for their final exams, and many of them are still wondering what to study at University, or which career path to follow. This speech, made by Arun Abey to the prize and scholarhsips winners at the Australian National University's (ANU) College of Business and Economics, contains some gems of inspiration for your young men and women. Read full article

Every Australian School Should Play This in Class - Bullying

<a href="/articles/every-australian-school-should-play-this-in-class-bullying">Every Australian School Should Play This in Class - Bullying</a>

Words not required to describe this extremely moving video. We dare you to watch it without being moved to tears, or at least rivetted to the spot. Australian singer Bec Cole's son made this video. " I thank him for letting me share this, his bravery will help others. So proud of my son.." Read full article

Using Sport to Teach Children about Human Rights

<a href="/blogs/2012/08/13/using-sport-to-teach-children-about-human-rights">Using Sport to Teach Children about Human Rights</a>

As a daughter of a migrant, whose father fled Croatia in the 1950s to settle in Melbourne, I was always conscious that my Dad’s boat story made me different in the school yard. At recess and lunch, to avoid the jibes, I hung out with other migrant kids; first-generation Asians; second-generation Italians and Greeks; kids from Madagascar, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Spain. I had the United Nations of mates...Sport made us winners. This is why it is such joy to champion a program fusing sport with human rights. Read full article

UNICEF Day for Children - Is Your School Involved?

Share this with your children and their schools. On UNICEF Day for Children, kids can help make a difference to children all over the world. It's also a great way of educating children about human rights. Video features children's author, Morris Gleitzman.UNICEF Day for Children is on 24th October 2012. Read full article

Arun Abey - ANU Speech - Connection Between Happiness and Wealth

<a href="/articles/arun-abey-anu-speech-connection-between-happiness-and-wealth">Arun Abey - ANU Speech - Connection Between Happiness and Wealth</a>

Some decades ago, I sat where you are sitting, waiting to get my degree. It was one the greatest days of my life. I had many happy years on the campus, but was looking forward to excellent job prospects, with Economics and Arts degrees from the ANU. Like most of you, I had little money of my own, and from high school I had spent many hours working in supermarkets to help pay my way ... It is natural for graduates and their very proud but also long suffering parents to be sitting here and thinking "Great, I am now going to try and get a well-paying job, secure myself financially, and that will be the key to being happy." I want to share with you a radical thought: Based on my experience, as well as the latest behavioural research, you should, in fact, be thinking about the opposite. Read full article

Beautiful - the Song, the Voice - Stop Bullying

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/11/04/beautiful-the-song-the-voice-stop-bullying">Beautiful - the Song, the Voice - Stop Bullying</a>

A 12 year old girl videos herself singing Beautiful, and before that, messages from kids about being bullied. Her voice is angelic - enjoy! Read full article